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Computer Science - Bachelor’s degree program

Computer Science - Studies in Silesia province - Katowice

Bachelor’s degree program (BSc) - 3,5 years, 7 semesters

Computer Science is a modern and high-powered field of knowledge. The degree course is directed to people who are going to create new technologies and IT tools. The Computer Science is a great degree course for people who like science, have an ability of logical and abstract thinking, and can make decisions fast as well. The quick development of new technologies and modern devices, involving technical software, make new challenges for computer scientists what creates good perspectives of getting a great job and helps the alumnus in developing his/her owns skills. Engaging the degree course (Computes Science) is a long-term investment for the future. The computer scientists are wanted – that is why they earn a lot of money. The education involves the basics of programming, the system without data and network, the operating system independent from the faculty.


  • Management of IT projects
  • Designing the Virtual Reality
  • Network operating systems and database in cloud computing
  • Games programming and multimedia
  • Stimulations and computer modeling in biomedicine
  • Mobile applications and Internet platform
  • Software tester
  • Business intelligence
  • Cybercrime

field of study
Computer Science

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type of study
first-cycle studies

first-cycle studies - full-time studies
length: 3.5 years (7 semesters)
first-cycle studies - part-time (weekend) studies
length: 3.5 years (7 semesters)

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League of Legends cup final - Silesia province, Katowice
League of Legends cup final

Computer lab - Silesia province, Katowice
Computer lab

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