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The graduate of this major obtains a bachelor's degree. The students of the major will have knowledge concerning mechanics, construction and machinery operation, electronics, computer science, automation and robotics. They will also be familiar with the control theory, which is necessary to design and construct the technical devices used in machines, vehicles, and medical, diagnostic and measuring instruments.

Graduates will be prepared to design, construct and operate machines and generating systems, as well as to manage and develop production in industry and manage technological processes. They will be able to run construction design companies dealing with the production, sales, operation and maintenance of machines and mechatronic devices, or to be self-employed. Graduates will be able to work in the electromechanical industry (automotive , household appliance, aircraft, medical ,and machine-tool industry) and in service and diagnostic centers.

Graduates may also work in health care units, operating medical and diagnostic equipment, in scientific and research units and in the all institutions which deal with the mediation and popularization of knowledge concerning the construction and operation of machines and devices.

Graduates may begin master's degree studies. They will freely use specialist language common to their selected field of study.


  • Vehicle Mechatronics
  • Industrial Mechatronics
  • Medical Engineering
  • Automation And Control
  • Monitoring And control systems In Inteligent Buildings


The aim of this program is to educate highly qualified specialists with advanced knowledge in the field of industrial or automotive mechatronics enriched with the latest trends in the industry related to the automation and robotization of industrial processes or automotive vehicles. The learning outcomes will enable graduates to participate in the creation of new projects related to industrial or automotive mechatronics.

A graduate of the second degree studies has modern knowledge of the main development trends and major research problems in mechatronics. As a result of education, the graduate has in-depth knowledge and skills in the design and modeling of complex mechanical and electromechanical systems as well as the design and verification of complex automation systems, modern control methods and control and measurement systems. The mechatronics graduate is prepared to work in various industries with a high degree of automation and robotization.

field of study

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type of study
first-cycle studies (Bachelor studies)
second-cycle studies (Master’s degree)
length: 3.5 years (7 semesters)
mode of studies first-cycle studies - full-time studies
duration: 3,5 years (7 semesters)
first-cycle studies - part-time studies (weekend)
duration: 3,5 years (7 semesters)
second-cycle studies - full-time studies
duration: 1,5 years (3 semesters)
second-cycle studies - part-time studies (weekend)
duration: 1,5 years (3 semesters)

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