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All detailed information regarding recruitment conditionis for the field of study of medicine can be obtained at the following phone numbers 0 609 848 998 / 0 693 693 886


Nursing is a profession of great importance on the job market, while studies at this program allow the student to become skilled in one of the most universal medical professions. During the studies the student shall acquire the ability of professional nursing care, will be able to use current knowledge to ensure safety and high level of care. He/she will learn to provide care as far as health maintenance and disease prevention, providing holistic care for the ill and disabled. Practical skills are taught by qualified academics with great professional experience.


  • be a person resistant to stress
  • be able to cope with and make appropriate decisions in extreme situations
  • easily establish interpersonal contacts


The prepared curriculum is directed at obtaining knowledge, abilities as well as the development of psychophysical qualities necessary to perform the profession of a nurse. Student internships in hospitals and specialist facilities of health care as well as classes connected with care over the healthy and the ill will be an integral part of the studies. The graduate will be fluent in a foreign language at the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and will be able to use specialist language required in the nursing profession.


3-year Bachelor studies (6 semesters) – stationary studies (full-time) and part-time (weekend)


After completing the studies the graduate will be prepared to independently practice the profession of a nurse as well as work in public and private healthcare facilities including: hospitals, primary healthcare centers, welfare and nursing homes, palliative and hospice care centers as well as residential care homes. The graduate will be prepared to be employed in healthcare and social care facilities in all countries of the European Union.


Second degree nursing education is aimed at acquiring specialist knowledge in the field of nursing and other medical sciences, with particular emphasis on monitoring the patient's health condition and the implementation of promotional and preventive activities in the population of healthy people, knowledge of the standards of implementation of advanced and independent nursing services. The studies prepare you to conduct scientific research, use its results in practice, implement the principles of evidence-based medicine and plan your own professional development.


2-yers Master’s degree (4 semesters) – stationary studies (full time) and part-time (weekend)


A graduate of the second degree studies entering the labor market is able to monitor the health condition of all groups of patients, can solve professional problems, especially those related to decisions in difficult situations, resulting from the specificity of the service provided and the conditions for its implementation. Demonstrates knowledge of the issues of managing nursing teams and healthcare organizations. A graduate of nursing studies is prepared to conduct broadly understood activities of promotion and health education, including organizing, conducting and evaluating health programs.

field of study

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type of study
first-cycle (Bachelor studies)
second-cycle studies (Master’s degree)

mode of studies
first-cycle studies - full-time studies
- duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

first-cycle studies - part-time studies (weekend)
- duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

second-cycle studies - full-time studies
- duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

second-cycle studies - part-time studies (weekend)
- duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

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