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The aim of the intensive Polish language course for foreigners is to provide participants with the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to communicate in Polish at work, at school and in various everyday life situations. As part of the modules, participants develop all linguistic competences, taking into account the cultural context, in order to freely use the Polish language in speech and writing at a basic level and be able to actively participate in social life.


Module 1 Vocabulary

  • Me and my family

  • Hobbies, free time

  • Doctor, health, disease

  • Lunch, restaurant, party

  • Appearance, description of the person

  • Asking for directions and time

  • School, studies, work, profession

  • Communication - train, bus

  • Entertainment - cinema, theatre

Module 2 Grammar

  • Noun - cases

  • Verb - present tense

  • Adjective - gradation

  • Preposition

  • Personal pronoun, possessive

Module 3 Labour market

  • Structure of the labour market

  • Competition

  • Good and better professions

  • Physical and mental work

  • Communication at work

  • Computer, technician at work

Module 4 Real studies

  • History and geography of Poland

  • Science about the Silesian region

  • Customs, traditions

  • Silesian dialect

  • State symbols, holidays

  • Family, society

  • Integration of immigrants


The course is designed for foreigners living in Poland and all those who are just planning to come to Poland and want to learn basic Polish in the shortest possible time. Intensive courses will be an ideal proposition for people who want to learn the language in an interesting and attractive way and achieve the best possible results in order to be able to communicate freely at school, at work and other places of public life.


After the end of the course, each participant will have:

  • the ability to use the Polish language in a communicative way in various aspects of social life;

  • the ability to use the acquired knowledge to: write a simple text, formulate an opinion and take part in a simple discussion;

  • competences to cooperate with the team in the implementation of specific tasks;

  • competences to participate in social and cultural life;

  • basic knowledge of the history and geography of Poland as well as Polish customs and traditions;

  • knowledge about the current labour market in Poland.


Classes are conducted by qualified teachers who ensure high quality of teaching. Lecturers with many years of experience in teaching Polish as a foreign language.

Aleksander Hebda - MA degree in German Philology with over 20 years of experience in conducting foreign language classes. He completed postgraduate studies in teaching foreign languages to the hearing impaired. Since 2017, an active teacher of Polish for foreigners. Long-term translator of languages i.e. German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Dutch. Currently a teacher at one of the largest language schools. A teacher with passion, whose foreign languages have always been the greatest passion.


  • Start date: 19.09.2022 – 20.10.2022

  • Recruitment until: 16.09.2022 (details of recruitment are available on

  • Course duration - 50 academic hours (45 minutes)

  • Classes are held three times in the week on Monday from 16:20 - 17:55, Tuesday and Thursday from 17:10 – 20:25

  • An advance payment of PLN 100 is required during recruitment. The remaining part of the fee (PLN 600) is payable after receiving the confirmation of the start of the course from the University.

  • The condition for starting the course is enrolment of a sufficient number of candidates.

  • If the course will not start, the University will refund the full amount of cost.

  • Participants will receive a course completion certificate.

If you have any questions please send us an email:

name of the course:
Intensive polish course for foreigners

Basic level


training cost:
700 PLN

form of training:


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