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Intensive polish course for foreigners Level: B2



The aim of the intensive Polish language course is to prepare foreigners to study at a Polish university. As part of the course, participants develop the necessary language competences, taking into account the cultural context, to freely use the Polish language in speech and writing and to be able to actively participate in educational activities in the selected field of study. The course prepares you for the B2 exam.


  • Introductory lesson, grammar and lexical leveling
  • Education system
  • Inventions and discoveries
  • Ecology
  • Transport and traveling
  • Problems of the 21st century
  • Health
  • Summary of the material, revision lessons
  • Lifestyle
  • Culture
  • Politics
  • Law
  • Media
  • Plans for the future


The course is designed for foreigners and all other persons whose native language is not Polish. The course is designed for people who want to start studies at the university in Poland and want to be prepared for the exam at the B2 level.


After the end of the course, each participant will have:

  • knowledge of the rules of grammatical structure of the Polish language; social and functional linguistic differentiation;
  • knowledge of interpersonal and social communication in the context of cultural communication processes;
  • the ability to use appropriate vocabulary and grammatical structures in the range provided for the B2 level;
  • ability to use the acquired knowledge, write text designed for different audiences, formulate opinions and take part in the discussion;
  • competence to cooperate with the team in the implementation of specific tasks;
  • competences to participate in social and cultural life and to consciously use the Polish language, knowing and promoting the principles of the correctness of the Polish language.


Classes are conducted by qualified teachers who ensure high quality of teaching. Lecturers with many years of experience in teaching Polish as a foreign language.

Balbina Gregorczyk - Polish language teacher since 2011 in various schools and companies such as: Unilever, Philip Morris International, PwC, Sopra Steria. She was also a teacher at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, where she completed a master's degree in teaching Polish as a foreign language. At that time, she drew a series of comics for foreigners learning Polish called: "I love Polish!", which appeared in the magazine "Welcome to Krakow and Małopolska".

Currently, the owner and designer of the Polish school for foreigners "hi! Polish for foreigners", organizer of cultural events integrating foreigners in Katowice and Silesia.


Recruitment until: 30.08.2021 (details of recruitment are available on
Course duration - 02.08.2021 - 21.08.2021 (60 teaching hours).
Price: 210€ (900 PLN)
The course is conducted online.
The condition for joining the course is to pay the total fee for the course in the amount of 900 PLN before signing a contract with the university.
A course begins when a group of 10 persons in minimum is formed.
If the course will not start, the University will refund the full amount of cost.
Participants will receive a course completion certificate.

name of the course:
Intensive polish course for foreigners


60 hours

training cost:
210 Euro, 900 PLN

form of training:


rekrutacja online

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