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Medical Rescue is a study that allows you to learn the rules of providing professional emergency aid, implemented to save people's lives and health in the event of emergencies and illnesses. The education is aimed at acquiring specialist knowledge in the field of emergency medical services, emergency medicine and other medical sciences in emergency procedures for patients in a state of sudden threat to life and health.


  • have excellent physical condition and resistance to stress,
  • be ready to work in difficult and unpredictable conditions,
  • be able to react quickly in stressful situations


During the first-cycle studies, students will acquire the knowledge and practical skills necessary to save lives at the scene of an accident, during transport and in emergency departments. Studies prepare you for work, e.g. in public and private health care facilities, including hospital emergency departments, medical rescue teams, specialized rescue services, fire brigades and other types of rescue services. The university emphasizes modern methods of education, taking into account the current requirements for paramedics, as well as the needs of society and health care in Poland.


3-year Bachelor studies (6 semesters) – stationary studies (full-time) and part-time (weekend)


Katowice/ Zabrze - future students can choose their place of study*.


Graduates of emergency medical services will be able to plan and perform rescue operations and procedures in life-threatening situations, taking into account their specificity and the correct sequence of actions, recognize risk factors, their mechanisms and the range of action in all types of accidents as well as in disasters. They will be prepared to work in a rescue team and a medical therapeutic team.

field of study
Medicial Rescue

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type of study
Bachelor’s degree

First-cycle studies - full-time studies length: 3 years (6 semesters)
First-cycle studies - part-time studies (weekend)
length: 3 years (6 semesters)

Fees and charges

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