Academy of Silesia

Artistic, Technical, Medical fields of study
Katowice, Poland

School’s History and Mission

Siedziba Główna Wyższej Szkoły Technicznej w Katowicach - woj. Śląskie

The Academy of Silesia (old Katowice School of Technology) was founded by Arkadiusz Hołda, following the decision of the Minister of National Education of 15th December, 2003 and entered in the register of non-public schools of higher vocational education (with the number 143). The aim of the school is to form vocational tertiary education. All academic syllabuses comply with the recommendations of the Ministry of National Education and Sport and the Central Council of Higher Education. They have been approved by the State Accreditation Commission.

The specially designed academic syllabus and highly qualified academic staff (leading specialists in their fields) are the school’s trademark. The academic syllabus, built on the interdisciplinary knowledge, prepares students for the future job both theoretically and practically. The Academy mission is to form a modern system of education which meets modern standards and requirements of the contemporary economy both local and worldwide. Not only our school conveys knowledge to students but it also develops them mentally and allows students to obtain skills which will make them solve problems single-handedly and be real specialists in their professions. Our priority is to educate students in such a way that they are very well-prepared for their job.

The Academy of Silesia is the first technical and artistic private higher school in Silesia which offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.

Main lecture hall - Śląsk - Katowice
Main lecture hall

Faculty of Media, Acting and Directing - Śląsk - Zabrze
Faculty of Medicine
in Zabrze

Main lecture hall of Faculty of Media, Acting and Directing - Śląsk - Zabrze
Main lecture hall of Faculty of Medicine

Science and Technologdy Park Silesia - Śląskie - Katowice
Science and Technologdy Park "Silesia"
in Katowice

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